The Best Minute Taking Software For Minute Takers 2021


Minute taking can be a chore for some people. Lots of people ask if there is software that can do it all for them. Hell, it's even a question I asked myself at the very beginning when I launched my minute taking service in the UK. Really and truthfully, in 2021 (before robots have taken over), the best software is... YOU. Nothing but your good old fashioned ears and laptop (or notepad if you prefer!).

Now, this may not be what you wanted to hear. Sure, plenty of software can automatically transcribe words - usually not very well, may I add - but minute taking is different. Minute taking is a short and sweet summary of the discussion points and actions that took place in a meeting. And right now, there is no clever robot that can listen to a meeting, extract the relevant points, and put them all in a handy-dandy document without any tweaking. Although - if you have heard of this clever robot, let me know! However, some software can help you on your way. Here are some of my recommendations for software.

Otranscribe - Otranscribe is free, and I've been using it for many years. You upload your audio or video and type away. You can slow or speed up speech. It also automatically saves your work, so your work should still be there if your computer decides to die! You also can add in timestamps; the typing interface is very clean and doesn't lag.

Magic Minutes - Magic Minutes is a piece of software that easily allows you to type minutes on the go. You can add your team members to your account, which will enable you to quickly circulate minutes after each meeting. It's very intuitive, and the more you use it, the more it will be tailored to your organisation's needs.

Grammarly - this wouldn't be a how-to if I did not include an element of proofreading! Proofreading is essential for minutes, and I wouldn't be without Grammarly.

However, everyone is different, and this is just what works for me. If you have any recommendations feel free to contact me, and I may add them to this list!