10% Off Discount for Charities and Non-Profits


Without a doubt, charities and non-profits make up a large part of Speedy Minute's clientele. Many charities have tight governance rules stipulating they must have a minimum of four meetings a year - all with meeting minutes produced. Not to mention, many charities also have various sub-committee meetings and extraordinary board meetings. That is indeed a lot of meetings in a year, and with limited resources to employ a full-time member of staff, many charities and non-profits outsource the job to a minute taking service.

This is why Speedy Minutes is pleased to offer a 10% discount for charities and non-profits.

We have a wealth of knowledge of how charities work and have taken minutes professionally for all manner of non-profits, including; health institutions, housing associations, museums, youth charities, animal charities, mental health charities, human rights charities, and more.

So, if you're a charity or non-profit and are looking for a professional minute taker, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch to discuss a bespoke quote with a 10% discount included.