Getting started with Speedy Minutes is easy.

  1. Get in touch with a member of our team. We will endeavour to reply back within one working day.
  2. Once the quote has been agreed, and you have signed our Data Processing Form and Booking Form, send us:

    - the audio or video file of the meeting. Instructions on how to do this can        be sent to you.
    - the agenda of the meeting.
    - a list of attendees, and date & time of the meeting.
    - if possible - previous copies of the minutes so we can understand the            format you work in.

  3. Within a matter of days (timings to be confirmed with your minute taker), your professional set of minutes will be delivered back to you. 
  4. Payment is required before the minutes are produced via Stripe.
  5. Turn-around times vary subject to minute taker availability, but are usually within 1-3 working days. 


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