Established in 2019, Speedy Minutes has become one of the most upcoming international minute taking services. We excel at crafting precise minutes by identifying necessary actions and essential discussion, organising these critical details into a cohesive display, and enhancing these points with relevant information. We elevate the meeting experience and bring the power of convenience to busy professionals everywhere.


Over 100 meetings served in all manner of industries around the globe. 


Competitive rates starting at £60. Discounts are provided to non-profits and meetings that are more than one hour.


We respect your privacy and data, which is why all your data will be securely stored, and meeting files will be wiped upon delivery.


As someone independent from your organisation, you can trust that your minutes will be impartial, unbiased, with no conflicts of interest. 


Before launching this website, Speedy Minute's Founder emerged as the highest-rated minute taker on one of the internet's most reputable freelancing platforms. Testimonials can be found here.


Our minute takers are all CPD-accredited in minute taking.


No matter what industry you work in, our minute takers can adapt to you.


90% of our clients return. 


We understand you may not be satisfied with your order. That is why we give you the chance to amend your delivery up to four times - free of charge.